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Thanks for Visiting Stoneworks Jewellery and Island Reflections on beautiful Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada!

We are very sorry to say that as of September 28th, 2015 we will be closing this website. We will still be selling our jewelry online in our ETSY shop (, at our retail outlets, and we will still be selling face-to-face at art shows around Vancouver Island. It has become too expensive and time consuming to maintain two online stores and we have found that we reach a wider audience on Etsy. Thank you for supporting us on this website for 3 years.
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 * We offer FREE SHIPPING- anywhere in North America. Please contact us for shipping rates for elsewhere in the world.
* Five talented Vancouver Island artisans 
* Superior quality jewellery, using only the best materials.
* We specialize in rare, unusual, and top quality gemstones.
* Lifetime warranty
* Unique and one-of-a-kind artisan pieces in silver, copper, or brass. 

* Custom orders.
* Shop directly from our website using PAYPAL,
    or you can use a credit card. 
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"Get Your Rocks On!"
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